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Market intelligence to support strategic decisions

Agrifood Monitor provides agriculture and food industry businesses and policy makers with figures, expertise and market intelligence solutions to understand the value of their investment opportunities and to support the development of market strategies. Agrifood Monitor gathers the business community to share knowledge on the global competitive challenges in agriculture and food markets and to discuss on timely and relevant investment topics.

Agrifood Monitor is promoted and coordinated by Nomisma in partnership with Crif.



Agrifood Monitor & quality food products – our exclusive networking activity in the US

Agrifood Monitor is currently developing a business network in the US, involving the chief stakeholders of the food service and food communication.


Agribusiness in Africa & trade relations with the EU and Italy: opportunities and prospects

Verona (Italy), 29th January 2020 - Denis Pantini presents the key numbers of the Nomisma-Veronafiere-Fieragricola Observatory "Agribusiness in Africa and trade relations with the EU and Italy" at the inaugural conference of the 114th edition of the Veronafiere event.


Forum Agrifood Monitor 2019

Palazzo di Varignana - Bologna (Italy)  - 10th June 2019 the annual appointment dedicated to the international agri-food chain

The IV Agrifood Monitor Forum is dedicated to the Japanese market and to opportunities for agri-food businesses, also in light of the free trade agreement which entered into force on February 1 this year.


Agrifood Monitor presentation - figures and insights on the Italian agri-food system: conference documents

The July 12th event held at Palazzo di Varignana was an opportunity to launch the Agrifood Monitor’s platform, and to get an exchange of views on


Agrifood Monitor is born: the platform gathering all the most relevant, strategic and original fact and figures on the agriculture and food markets

Today, July 12th, the Agrifood Monitor Platform, developed jointly by Nomisma and CRIF, has been launched.


The euro 50 billion goal in Italian food exports by 2024. Today, the Agrifood Monitor market intelligence platform will be launched to support the growth of the Italian extended agriculture and food supply chain.

2 million businesses, 3.8 million employees, a €130 billion value added and about €47 billion exports, the Italian agriculture and food supply chain – from farm to fork, taking into account the food&beverage machinery manufacturing industry – is key to the national economy with still untapped resources to compete in the global market.


The business community

Agrifood Monitor is also a place for networking and building connections between companies and institutions, to understand changes, to share the knowledge on market dynamics. Agrifood Monitor is the meeting point to engage all the stakeholders of the food supply chain and feed the debate on trends, outlook scenarios, opportunities and regulations.

Together with the annual event, Agrifood monitor arranges meetings on specific topics each dedicated to individual sectors of the agriculture and food industry. Agrifood Monitor provides market intelligence to foster the debate among companies, associations, policy makers and experts.


Agrifood Monitor is promoted and coordinated by Nomisma in partnership with Crif.